Where’s The Truth

Shiloh Shepherd Breed Defectors: Where's the Truth

Since many people seem to be confused over this issue, I felt that it’s time to provide the seeking public with a typical example that can detail who they were/are and why they left the strict ISSR program that was designed to enhance and expand the gene pool that started at Shiloh Shepherd Kennels. 

We have already presented short blurbs about some of the other turncoats that have “jumped ship” over the past few years.  Please view our new Critical Issues pages.  However, since Dawn is the most recent one to also abscond with a lot of former New Zion Shiloh dogs, and due to the fact that she has taken five other former “LB’s” down with her (Bearpaws, Haus VID, Highlander, Brick Chapel and Abba’s), we would like to share her story in this presentation.  So, let’s take a good look at the facts in this case!

Dawn came to New Zion Kennels in 2000 to adopt one of the dogs that needed to be re-homed after the fire. She took Vickey and quickly fell in love with the breed.

Then, later that year, she spotted one of our young show pups! As she  did not have the means to buy a pup, she offered to show her, and then pay for Allie by providing NZS with 1/2 of two litters.  Lisa agreed and a new friendship was formed!

 As she posted on our breeders forum in 2001, <<I feel the only place to truly learn about these dogs is from Tina. Afterall, she created them with God’s guidance. Maybe,  in 15-20 years, I may have the knowledge to be a breeder but until then, I want to work under Tina’s and Lisa’s guidance, and learn.>>