Sexual Awakening

Dean*, a nineteen year old guy that I’d been talking to increasingly often, arrived at my house around 7pm like he said he would, and I got a little uneasily into his old silver car as he held the door open for me. By the time I got to Dean’s I was even more nervous for no particular reason, but I was relieved the drive had gone smoothly (at least in my opinion) and that we had managed to keep the conversation going… Or at least I waffled on enough for the both of us.
I followed him on weak legs into the back garden where a large shed had been converted into his bedroom. Inside the hut were a drum kit; probably around ten guitars; a piano and various other different types of musical equipment; a single bed; a sofa and a little coffee table.

Sitting down on the couch next to me he lit some incense on the table before us which filled the area with a sweet, flowery aroma. We talked for a while, getting to know each other seeing as this was the first time we’d been alone together. latino pussy After eating a pasta bake that he’d cooked for us the talking died down a little and the atmosphere suddenly became thicker – so thick it was almost palpable.
He got up and walked over to the other side of the hut as I listened to some of the 60s rock he was playing from his iPod. He turned off the lights and switched on some others, which were Christmas lights wrapped around the beams on the ceiling casting an amber glow over the room and increased my heart rate even further.

I knew when he asked if I wanted to go to his for the evening that there may have been a chance he would kiss me at the end of the night, and although had never even held hands with, yet alone kissed anyone, I knew that he was someone I would want to have my first kiss with. When he sat back down his legs were against mine and he was a lot closer now. Panicking, I began to talk about how I liked the many colour throws and nets he had attached to the ceiling and walls.
At around 11’o’clock his hands crossed onto my lap and he began to hold my hands, I felt the heat rise to my cheeks as I randomly commented on how soft his hands were as he played around with my fingers. He smiled and gave me his other hand to show how the finger tips were slightly rough from playing the guitar for years. Before I knew it his lips were on mine, my brain had frozen and my heart was thumping. Our teeth clashed slightly, me being too overwhelmed by the onslaught of rapid kisses. We laughed a bit and I got a glimpse into his brown eyes which had seemed to have turned even darker, which might have been down to the lessened lighting.
He got to the floor on his knees and moved between my legs and continued kissing me and withdrew for a second to tell me that I had lovely lips. When our lips continued their probing, one of his hands moved to my ample 30G breasts; he squeezed one firmly and I heard him groan slightly as he deepened the kiss. He was now pressed against me on the sofa as our tongues slightly intertwined and we teased each other by making the kiss deeper and shallower. He tucked his long brown hair behind his ears and I slowly began to kiss and nibble the edge of his jaw and down his neck. A knock on the door interrupted us as his Dad informed us through the wooden barrier that it was quarter to 12 and that my parents may want me back soon.

Once the footsteps died away we both slunk to the floor and, sitting next to me, Dean continued to kiss me, this time his hands cupping my bottom and my breathing increased. I’d never felt like this before, but I knew I liked this new sensation. I put my hands up his long-sleeved striped top and played with his nipples slightly. His hands then went back to my breasts and this time slipped under my shirt and rubbed at my nipples through the fabric of my bra. His mouth moved to my neck as he kissed on collarbone and upwards and nibbled on the lobe of my ear, making me moan slightly. His hands were now probing at the waist line of my grey jeans. He then whispered in my ear, his voice husky and deepened with lust, “Danni*, undo your belt.”

My heart froze and it felt like an eternity until I reacted, but in reality my hands instantly went to unbuckle myself, and I even went so far as to unbutton and unzip my jeans. I remember thinking that maybe it was foolish to do it when really, although I’d known Dean for years, we didn’t really know each other well at all, but it felt right and the sound of his voice whispering that in my ear turned me on beyond comprehension.
His right hand slid into my jeans and under my frenchies and he began to rub at my clitoris. I had never even tried to pleasure myself that way before, but I could already feel I was wet. Although I was enjoying myself I felt slightly useless laying there panting, but was too embarrassed to make a move towards him. He was still working away at my moist clit with his eyes closed and heavy breathing when I worked up the courage to move my hand towards his groin, expecting to have to wind him up to a state of arousal; I got a big surprise when he guided my hand to the right slightly and I felt his penis, already hot and erect, straining through his jeans. browse around here I slowly began to rub him through his trousers, enough to make him to pant desperately and play with me faster. look these up He then unbuckled his own belt and guided my hand inside his boxers and I could feel the pre-cum that had already covered the head of his penis and dampened his pants slightly. I began to pump my hand along his shaft and after a few more minutes cum shot from his cock and left a wet mess all over my hand and his abdomen.
He helped me up, my head spinning, and led me to the bed – we lied next to each other and he began to kiss me again, still rubbing at me, lowering his fingers to wet them with my own juices. My back arched as he moistened his fingers, teasing at my entrance but not fully penetrating me before he went back to my sensitive clit whilst I squirmed under his touch. I put my hand back on his still firm cock and began to slowly toss him off again, pulling firmly at the base and then faster near the head, I heard him mutter “Yes…” under his breath as his forehead was pushed against mine and I could feel him breathing on my neck. We both began to breathe faster and louder and although I hadn’t come I knew I wouldn’t be able to take much more as I was getting so sensitive to the touch.
“Fuck…” Dean sighed, biting his lip, before shooting another load over my hand and I couldn’t help but glance down to see the cum covered cock, and I found that although this was the first time I’d laid eyes upon an erect penis, my mouth began to water. I considered tasting him, but I couldn’t muster the courage and it wasn’t too long until he came for a third and final time. We kissed for a while longer before dressing and heading back to mine at 1:30am so he could drop me off. Once he’d gone I washed my hands off in the sink and smirked to myself, hoping that this was to be the first of a series of liaisons.

And I was right…

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