Open Letter to Jackie Wilde

Since you seem to be promoting your new site as an “unbiased” venue that contains information about MY breed (still under development) I feel that is is my responsibility to expose your incorrect/inaccurate information.

1. On your home page you state that your site is “A wonderful place to learn more about this magnificent breed.”  Yet the information you are presenting is completely biased! Why?

How can you explain this mess?

2. In your appearance section, you chose to just copy the controversial information that was presented on the wiki, despite the fact that I challenged many of the inaccuracies that were being pushed forth by your friends! I am also aware of the fact that they hail that war as a “Victory” because they managed to just keep deleting my posts! What a circus that turned into! Why? Because a small group of puppy pushers was better at playing “wiki” computer games? Big deal! It still doesn’t make them good breeders! If anything, they have exposed their foolishness by insisting that a faulty Long Haired GSD type had to be used as an example of the Ideal  Shiloh!  Any fool can clearly see the faults in that dog, but in any case their insistence on replacing Laz with Harley led me to to prepare this report.

3. Under temperament you only have eight short lines?? Wow! I knew that your group didn’t know “much” about the subject, but I never realized how little you do know!

Temperament is one of the key features that separates a Shiloh Shepherd from the other GSD/dog varieties! We have an entire page of links on our site, plus an active public STM forum, not to mention the tons of articles I wrote, clearly discussing the ideal Shiloh Shepherd temperament!

How can you classify your site as a “Library Project” (indicating a source of extensive information) when you don’t have access to me (the breed founder) nor the right to use any of my copyrighted articles!

Yet you promote your site as “Unbiased”? What is “that” supposed to mean?

4. When I read your “History” section I laughed so hard I almost fell off my chair! I am sure that you are just “parroting” the same trash others have stated on various sites–but if you want to present this information as true history, why don’t you read my articles in order to discover the true facts?