My First Bi-sexual encounter

I am 5’11” 22 year old male. For all I knew I thought I was
heterosexual. One Day my girlfriend came home with a bag of goodies.
In it was an enima bag, a 12″ long 3″ thick (I measured) strap-on
dildo and a videotape for using dildoes.
She sat me down and we watched this tape. It was disgusting at
first, but I soon became very interested. By the time the tape was
over, I actually had a hard-on. She led me into the bathroom and made
me lie in the tub. She filled the enima bag with warm water and a little
perfume. She greased up the enima bag anal attachment and slid into my
VIRGIN bum ever so gently. It felt wierd at first, but once she pushed
it in all the way and released the clip and the warm water flowed into
me it was a pleasant feeling.
As the bag was emptying into me, the doorbell rang. She closed the
door and let the bag empty its contents. I could have sworn I heard
talking, but when she returned she said it was noone. She removed the
rod from my well cleaned ass and proceeded to the bedroom.
Once in the bedroom, she made me put the large pleasure toy on her.
Once on, she asked me to finger her and suck the dildo. I refused at
first, but I love her so I obliged. I felt funny doing this, but she
was wetter than ever before. After she climaxed from this I was asked

to rub KV on this massive cock and get on all fours. I greased it up
slowly as butterflies swarmed in my stomach. She knelt up behind me and
rubbed my back ever so gently. She rubbed her newly acquired cock up and
down my crack probing the head in and out on each pass. She pressed in
only the head and it felt as it was the whole thing.
She was very gentile with me stroking only a few inches at first. I
was really getting turned on and I began to moan. After I moaned a little
she SHOVED it all the way to the hilt because I felt her thighs slap my
ass. I felt her large cock bottom out in my ass. I screamed in esctasy
as she held it deep for a few moments. At this point I knew I had gayness
in me.
She began fucking my with LONG (seemed like a mile) SLOW (time stood
still) strokes. I was in Pure bliss.
All at once a man emerged from behind the door, stark naked sporting
a cock that could almost measure up to what was already in me. I tried to
cover up because of embarassment but she held me strong. I was weak beacuse
she was thrusting harder than before. I felt her hot breath as she was
panting from pleasing me. The man came over and knelt in front of me
hanging his massive soft dick in front of me. I didn’t acknowledge him
at first but the smell of his cock started to make me wonder.
I dropped to my elbows, and all this while she was still pounding me
to the hilt. I wrapped BOTH hands around his cock and began sucking it
vigorously. He threw his head back in pleasure. I must have been doing
it right. After five minutes, he began to shiver. I tried to pull away
but he pushed my face into his bush. When he did this I choked only for
a second and gave once last suck and he shot his warm load down my throat.
She is still pounding away at my worn out ass. It was getting num,
or so I thought. I came, but in a different way than usual. I still
believe today that my asshole was cuming. She pulled out, turned me over,
regreased, and started to fuck me with my legs over my head. The man held
my legs back as she, without any warning, pressed in all 12″ of her cock.
My ass came immediately. She must have hit my G-spot because I lost count
of my orgasms after about 10.
I tried to reach up to ejaculate myself but he tied my hands up to
the bed with his socks. This drove me the wildest. I began calling out
instructions for her to fuck me deep and hard. What was so wild was that
she did absolutely opposite of what I said. I said deep she went shallow.
I say fast she fucked ever so slow. This drove my over the edge. She held
my legs straight up and together. My ass clinched up, she pulled out
quick, and I shot my load all over the guy kneeling by my head. It felt
like a gallon.
I thought it was over. Buy boy was I wrong. As I lie there finally
untied, my girlfriend began sucking HIS cock. I became jealous, not because
I wanted to be sucked but because I wanted to suck him. We shared his soft
dick, licking our tounges up and down until he regained his massiveness.
I rolled onto my hands and knees and approached me from the rear. He,
just as she had done, began wiping my ass with his cock. This alone rose
me to attention, as my girlfriend slid underneath me to give me some suck.
He pushed in all of I don’t know how many inches. I could tell this was a
REAL cock inside me.
shemale porn The feeling of a real dick inside me made my ass come once again. Since
I had sucked him off earlier, he went for 22 minutes. My ass was really
worn out but I wanted more. He pulled out, I turned around and swallowed
every drop he had to give.
He laid on his back as I began fucking him. I was quite a virgin before
this night so I came very quickly.
As a punishment I had to kneel in front of both of them and clean both
pricks until they gleamed.
I have had one other homosexual encounter since, but nothing will top
that night of a thousand pleasures.
No Longer a Virgin.

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