False Claims

False Claims

These false prophets start out by claiming that “through the years Shiloh Shepherd breeders have been leaving the registry/club of origin (ISSR/SSDCA) to be joined by others who are brave enough to make their own way through  the perils and hardships of making a new breed come into a realization.”

I think our matrix clearly proves that only 14% of those that joined my program have actually left to join the “ranks of the slivers”.

If you compare these statistics to those of other types of “club” memberships you will find that we actually have a low rate of attrition, despite all of the gossip and political strife that we constantly deal with!

Just sit back and think about your church group.  How many people have come and gone over the past 15 years? Why?

In some cases, people move, or even die–that’s life! Pastors don’t cry over loosing “false messiahs” that have infiltrated the flock! Instead, they look forward to new members that are seeking the TRUTH! As long as the group is growing, it proves that they are doing something right! If you contact any long time “Dog people” (any breed) I am sure that they will tell you that ALL dog “clubs” are full of “politics” and they loose more “newbie breeders” than we ever have!

The part that got me was << make their own way through  the perils and hardships of making a new breed come into a realization.”>>

Wow! Are these people saying that THEY are “creating” the Shiloh Shepherd?

1. First of all, they have three “registries”.  Obviously they can’t even agree on what dogs should/should not qualify.

2. They are breeding to AKC German Shepherds!! So are they creating a “new” German Shepherd or a “new” Shiloh Shepherd or maybe just a “new” King Shepherd?

Please read Shiloh Shepherd – GSD – LHGSD or Just Mixed Mutts!

Or are they just pumping out mutts that they want to charge a lot of money for? Be sure to read my Wall of Shame!

3. They claim to be using my breed standard–but they refuse to follow my guidelines! What’s wrong with this picture? I have heard of multiple “clubs”, but multiple “registries”  using different rules while developing the same dog?

Just take a moment to view the kind of “paperwork” they approve of!! The ESSR system??

Who do they think they are fooling?

These people call themselves “Ethical Breeders” yet all of the “facts” that they present are nothing but twisted lies! What’s so “ethical” about that?

From their website:

<<Here are a few facts that I am sure a lot newer people may not know. The Shiloh Shepherd became a rare breed in 1991. That means it has only been called Shiloh Shepherds for 13 years. How many know that us “splinters” have been “splinters” since 1997? So if you do the math we have been around more than half the years the breed has been in existence:-)>>

1. The “Shiloh Shepherd” was recognized as a separate “rare breed” still under development in 1990, for showing purposes only! I have pictures of these dogs being exhibited with several rare breed clubs during that time! ARBA did not even exist until ’91 and did not even open a “registry” until much later.

It took me over two decades to establish the gene pool that would produce some dogs that conformed to the breed standard (my blue print) for the future “Shiloh Shepherd”. The shows provided a good venue to help me with proper selection of acceptable future breeding stock! That’s all!

Awarding titles to faulty/inferior dogs that should not be bred is just a waste of time! Please read Brokenhearted Breed Founder!

However, because of the high prices that “show” pups were getting, everyone wanted to breed their dogs! That’s what caused the problems! They didn’t care about the future welfare of the “breed” they just wanted to sell puppies! Others left because of the gossip and political wars that were constantly ranging over the ISSR rules.  They just didn’t like the fact that I had set up strict rules to protect this breed–so they started accusing me of being a dictator, etc.

Now they claim that some of them have been around since 1997–well, that’s not “half as long” as the “Shilohs” existed–because they started in 1974! I have copies of old Dog World ads to prove it! That adds up to 32 years!

In other words, they did not even come into the picture or know what I was doing until the job was almost done! Yet, now–out of the blue–those “new” people are going to “create” my breed? I think not!

Have you read everything I have said? Now look at this!

<<Another fact is that many of us have been around a long time. Some before the Shiloh Shepherd was called Shilohs. Many of us have been around since 1992, ’93, ’94, ’95, ’96.>>

They clearly claim that some of “them” have been around since even before the Shiloh Shepherd was called “Shilohs”! Then they list the ’90’s–HELLO–the Shiloh SHepherds have been around since the ’60’s! Yes, I have been breeding their ancestors since 1962! I changed my kennel name in 1974, ,and started adding the Shiloh prefix on my dogs in the ’70’s but they still came from my kennel! please read Kennel of Origin.

BTW. does that mean that anyone that purchased a puppy from me in the ’70’s or ’80’s can consider themselves as being a “Shiloh” breeder? Gee, I bet they never knew that! Wow! If this is true, there must be thousands of people out there that should be claiming this newly discovered title! ROTFLOL!

<<We have been compiling a list of non-ISSR breeders that are still actively breeding and the year they became involved with the Shiloh Shepherd.>>

First signs of a bit of truth! The list they published actually lists the year those people actually either first heard of Shiloh Shepherds or first got a Shiloh Shepherd! What they forgot to do is mention is every Shiloh Shepherd owner! If they had done that, you would see over 4,000 people listed from the 70’s and 80’s too! Never mind the hundreds of people that have purchased Shiloh Shepherds every year since then!

By now they should have in excess of 7,000 names listed! Yet, I was only able to count 28! What’s wrong with this picture?

<<If you look at the ISSR breeders matrix, there are NO breeders still with them and actively breeding before 1996!>>

Another misstatement! Pat Urso joined us in 1992 and is having her first litter this year! Barb Cullen also just had one and is planning to have another this year, etc. etc.

Furthermore, we have some extremely strict requirements! Besides signing the Breeders Code of Ethics, maintaining membership in the SSDCA, each breeder must agree to and live up to  our Licensed Breeder Requirements!

We don’t just let “anyone” in! First, you have to be a member of the SSDCA (and that in itself consists of an approval process) for one year, sign the Breeders Code and then register a kennel name with the ISSR prior to being allowed on OSS as a Licensed Breeder in Training for another two years.  If you pass all of the requirements (including completion of homework assignments) you graduate to the LB status. You can’t just buy a pet and become a breeder! Despite all of these rules, people often give up before they even graduate!

If you want the truth, just read the matrix! We tell it like it is!